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August 15-21
Oerkracht, in Winterswijk at The Green Circle  

Here we will explore meny felting techniques.
 We will combine wool fibre with rough coats, flax, paper, to create wonderful textures.
 The end result might be a wall tapestry, a cushion, or…
up to you to decide or make according to your own wishes.
We will put the kettle on to dye the wool.

One of the end results might be a wool stove, in which cooking is done like in a hay basket.
Of course, we will explain how best to use this for your cooking.
 In the cooking workshop, this will also be a topic.i
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The workshop 3-d felt
Meaningful Crafts op Texel

 (tutored by Claudio and Anneke)

Will be held at a later date
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